Galactica Model with lighting


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This is a Revell 1997 "re-issue" of the classic Battlestar Galactica model kit.
The model was built and lit by Wayne Hough.

Anyone here know/own some of his works?

I saw some of Wayne's work from an ebay auction of another Galactica
model and knew I had to commission him to build mine if he would.

He took me up on my offer and I'm very pleased to show photos
of the fine job he did.

The ship windows are lit with a white LED Light source and fiber optics.
The ship engines have their own LED lights.

A weathering "wash" has been applied to the model to bring out the fine details.

Wayne also added back-lit interiors to the landing bays.




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thanks FuseN

In these photos It's mounted on a long drill bit at the model mounting point in the center
for studio lighting. The drill bit is gaf taped to a 4ft C-stand and black gaffer tape covering up the a/c power cord.

The models come with a moon like base stand so it's about 4 inches in the air,
when mounted on it.


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Hi Chris,
welcome to the forum. That looks like a very nice job. it is always good to see someone bringing the ol' girl back to life.
I am still in the beginning phase of my Galactica build, but love every minute that I invest into it.


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thanks guys and opal1970.

my only regret is that I didn't know about/apply the "accurization" kits available.

the miniature photography session was really fun.
we played the galactica soundtrack cd while shooting...really "geeking" it! :)

Wayne's in the middle of building my Revell re-issue Raider with a "studio model" paint scheme and of course, also with lighting. We're doing something a little different for the lighting so I can't wait to see it when its done.
I'll be posting photos when it's ready.
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ya check out Chrisisall's Galactica model, it's much more accurate. but thanks for the compliment!


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It's actually not a huge model, so to light it up that effectively is MOST impressive. Gives the model a feeling of size it would otherwise not have.(y)thumbsup


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ya thats why there's no way to cram a 9-volt battery in there. has to be powered externally by an a/c adapter