Galactic Marine Build WIP Neckseal

Discussion in 'Star Wars Costumes and Props' started by AmatureManga, Jul 11, 2015.

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    Hey everyone since today is my birthday i thought i'd post an update thread on the process of my Galactic Marine build i havent gotten done on it however i'm almost done with the soft armour (neakseal, undersuit, overalls, and gloves) for my undersuit i'm using a compression shirt which i got from target and painted black fabric paint over the logo and it seemed to work fine, for my overalls i bought i painter overalls and pearl gray ritdye and i'll be dying the overalls once i finish with the neckseal. For the gloves i havent bought them yet i'll be buying them after i finish the neckseal. As far as the neckseal goes i followed a tutorial by pandatrooper over at whitearmor and i finished the neckseal i just need to work on the bib and then it will be done here's how it's looking so far what do you guys think?


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