G.I. JOE 2 Retaliation - RoadBlock


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Saw the new G.I. JOE 2: RETALIATION trailer. I want this armor and I am doing this before opening night in June 2012.

Let me just say...
I was never a fan of the first movie. Never saw it. This one, however. Just watch the trailer and tell me what you think. I am already gaining mass in the gym for my own gun...sorry, Howitzer Show so I will be ready.





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This trailer was better than the first movie. What a joke. I'm still not a Channing Tatum, or Rock fan but that vest is pretty sweet. It does not too hard to make at least something close. Those are some expensive looking buckles and he has about a 100 of them.


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Thanks for the link. Any and all info I can get does help.

Combat AC pants $179.00
AirFlex Combat Knee Pad $29.96

Is the cost so far. I could just by some cheap camo pants with a Multi came pattern, use some fabric paint for the black, craft foam and/or leather for the knees and had sew it with leather sew thread. I have done it before for a costume I did for Arkham City as one of The Joker's henchmen.

The vest is a mix of hard parts and nylon. Might need to take a look at the Fallout: New Vegas costumes around here. :cool

Still plenty of time to get this going and to bulk up!


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I have a full set of Cry Precision pants/vest/guards/etc. Very pricy, but the quality is second to none. :thumbsup

Very true, but like all projects we have to budget. Changes are I will get the real thing.

I Just have to figure out what they used as a base for the vest. The armor plates shouldn't be a problem, but I can't quite figure out what kind of vest they are using. I'll have to search youtube and take some screen shots.

I'm not sure how much HGH will run ya but I'm almost positive the Rock is pumped full of it lol

LOL yeah..um NO! Say what you want about The Rock, but I think he is clean. He has always been a big guy. Not here to argue that as I want to stay on task on getting the costume done. I am one of the founding members of the Spartan 300 boards and I know what have have to do to gain the mass that I can personal gain. Just like anything in life it comes with hard work and busting your ***** in and out of the gym.


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It looks there is a large ring on the back of the neck which would be used for a sort of repelling (spy rigging)


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Don't know if this will help you, but from what comparison pictures I've seen this picture seems to depict the costume accurately.



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Yeah, I learned the hard way, but none the less, the main thing to try and look for from any website is "1:1". But in the long run I was lucky because I got it from Hobbytron as well when they said it was 1:1, and when it got to me the box even said 3:4 scale, so I was able to atleast get my money back and the cheapo springer
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