Future Wolverine Costume: Days of Future Past


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So for San Diego comic-con (even though I didnt get tickets yet...) I want to make the Future Wolverine costume thats shown in the new Days of Future Past. Though there are not many pictures of the costume itself, I managed to get a few magazine covers and screenshots. Does anyone know what material its made out of or if there is a name for something like this? I'd appreciate the help!


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For the jacket, looks like a light navy spandex or light neoprene for the base with segments of yellow and dark navy airtex mesh fabric.

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Ive been thinking about doing this too, ive done the origins one about 4 times now so i need something a bit different.

Im trying to find a suitable body armour vest to make the pieces to go ontop which shouldnt be too much of a problem, but the under suit will be, its obviously a custom made blue and yellow deal for the film so im not sure how to get around that one


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I can usually get pretty hi-quality pics from theatrical movie posters, so if you see something you want a close up of, just let me know. If it's been printed, I'll probably have access to it. :)

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where would one get the yellow mesh fabric at? I searched for Airtex but the fabric coming up looks nothing like the suit that Hugh Jackman is wearing. The holes are too big and everything is bright yellow. Can anyone point me in the right direction?