Future Predator


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Nothing is impossible... to me anyways. I like this organic design. I only need time and 3 million cans of Red Bull.

Tiny Evil

New Member
woah, that's super cool!! I don't think it's impossible to do but it would probably be really hard and time consuming (haha this is my project for when I'll be retired xD )


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Three million cans of Red Bull? You'd be so jacked-up on caffeine that you wouldn't be able to sculpt a smooth, straight line for months afterward.

As far as the design goes, I kind of like it. You'd probably have to sculpt the different pieces of armor and cast them in latex to get them to conform to your skin, since everything has a really smooth, fluid look to it. (At least for the leg armor.) Or, you might just decide to sculpt the leg armor and skin as one whole unit, sort of like what Scott Marshall has done with his suits.
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