Fury Road Interceptor and XA Bat from Roadwarrior 1:1 replicas appearance at FR Pre-screening.

We were truly honored to be asked by WB back in 2015 to bring out cars to the pre-screenings in Seattle and promote Fury Road. We brought out the first ever build replica of the Fury Road Interceptor to debut before the film even opened in theaters, joined by the "XA Bat" villain car from Mad Max 2 (The Roadwarrior).
Fun side note (you may know already if you saw the last vid I posted) the Interceptor here also did the Uber promotion at Seattle's E3 convention to promote the Mad Max game release. Thanks WB for always thinking of us.....
It was a lot of fun to sahre the cars with the fans, and get to see the movie before it came out. Thought I would share this video we took at the event. Enjoy!
Wanted to thank everyone from the RPF that came out to see us at Summercon in Washington State this last weekend. Did not think a separate thread was appropriate so say thanks so here it is. For those of you who did not know, apologies, as I again did not think promoting it was likely to be acceptable on the forum. It was lots of fun. Here is a photo of our display for those who missed out. Thanks again to everyone who too the time to come up and say "HI" to us.