FUNCTIONAL Jabba the Hutt Smoking Device, New Pics Added!


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Hello RPFers,

Mad Props to all of you. I've been lurking and lurking for ages through these boards, harkening back to the the days when url; wasn't even a glimmer.

Although I have been less involved than would be ideal, the force is strong with this one.

Every since I was a small boy I've always wanted Jabba's hookah.

Although I intend to make a mostly screen accurate version at some juncture, this first foray into prop-making has manifested itself into a "vaporizer" version.

...for your herbs and spices and junk..






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Bumping because of the new pics. Figures that the ONE time I make my first prop and post it on here, the site gets hacked by the Russians.

Too funny. Enjoy!


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That one hellva Bong!!!! Great work!!!

Ha ha, thanks!

I must point out though that this device is intended only for tobacco and other commercially available legitimate aromatics. It has it's own ajustable heat source to vaporize rather than ignite said aromatics.

Time to make a hookah!
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