Interest Fully Functional MGC C96 Resin Kit


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I wanted to see if there is any interest in a fully functional SLA printed MGC Mauser kit. After years of looking, I've finally got an MGC in hand. I originally planned to do a die cast full metal kit, but it wouldn't be viable given current manufacturing costs. 3D scanning and resin printing is also quite expensive, so I'd only do this if there was enough interest. I could also edit the files to make it easier for adding flash hiders and scope mounts.

Price is subject to change, but I imagine around $100 - $150 for the base kit, and $200 - $300 for a completed one depending on how many folks sign up. Let me know!


Anakin Starkiller

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The lock frame on my mgc broke on me a while back. Anyway that I could get access to your model of that part so that I could have it printed in nylon and fix my mgc?


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Nice proposed offering. A question: can it be partially butchered, barrel and handle for UK buyer?, as our laws prohibit realistic imitation firearms unless have theatre license etc. Otherwise the usual law requirement in UK stands that at least 50 percent of the replica is coloured a primary colour. Thanks

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