Full size Weeping Angel ideas


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I was surprised that a search on Weeping Angels had only 8 threads.
Please contribute any ideas about how people could make one. Like RS, I would like this to be the first thing people see when opening my Tardis door:eek How else have people made full size figures. My thoughts so far;

  • Converting a full sized angel garden statue.This seems cost prohibitive. Stone statues are expensive and the cheaper resin ones are too small.
  • A mannequin base. Again, expensive
  • Layered foam around a metal rod. Stack up foam like a b-day cake and sculpt the basic shape with a hot wire. Metal wire for the arms and wings support. Get a cast of the face which is the most important or use the arms to hide.
  • Chicken wire and paper mache around wood frame?
I have been wanting to build one of these for my yard. My son says it would be cool, but I know he would look out of his bedroom window at night to look at it and scare the crap out of himself.

I am going to make a prototype out of a wood frame and chicken wire with fabric soaked in glue.
Good news is I will probably want a few of these so I can learn as I go.
I am going to try this one first.

I wish I had the time and skills, I'd love to make on that would could mechanically change from the covered face to the monster teeth face......
I would love to have it facing the street in the covered face mode when the trick-or-treaters come up the walkway, and while they are at the door, for the statue to turn and reveal the monster face for the walk back to the street!! Only for the older kids, of course, not the wee ones!!

There is a treasure trove of info in penwiper's weeping angel costume build thread. Most of those techniques would probably translate into a static build, just need an armature and a torso, arms and head......and I bet you could build it for a lot less than two thousand plus pounds!!

OK, this is working a lot better than I expected since I am only using scrap material from other projects.
I need to reshape the wings and tilt the head. I had a bunch of fabric with thick foam backing from my Med-Eng 9 suit. Perfect for forming body parts.
I am carving the hands from MDX. The fabric is a heavy cotton which will get soaked in water/glue. Chicken wire will keep the basic shape on the bottom.

The issue is if it is indoor and outdoor or just indoor. I also need help on the color and the face. I have the BBC mask just for inspiration.

Actually felling better about this. I soaked the fabric in a mixture of white/black latex paint, craft glue and hot water and let hang until it stopped dripping. I then put it over the wire and paper clipped areas for ridges. It has a very firm shape now and looks like stone even before I paint it.

I like!!

Well done.

I have thought about making bigger things, but sadly seem stuck making little props.

Seeing this, I need to start thinking bigger again.
my Paper mache' weeping angels at Hurricane who Orlando Florida. made from poster board, Styrofoam, wood, chicken wire ,glue and paint
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