Full Size TOS Colonial Viper in aluminium


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Oh yes! Those greeblies are looking good from where I stand...and I really dig those stripes. Did you think about the paint you'll use on that baby?
Thanks my friend, much appreciated :)
I welcome any recommendations about paint, especially on aluminium. I've painted cars with auto acrylic paint but I believe aluminium is a special beast and needs surface prep and etch primers, etc to ensure the paint adheres properly. I've been using some cheap enamel in rattle cans, just to test weathering and I'm finding it sticks very well to the aluminium without any prep or primer. Maybe enamel might be a better option for aluminium? Opinions appreciated :unsure:


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I know the feeling well mate. Job. Kids. Hobbies. All othe obligations. The universe conspires to keep us from our Vipers.

Great work. Keep plugging away at it.

Thanks Baz
Yes it’s definitely a matter of making time, even an hour here and there all helps. I have some annual leave booked in over Christmas, so hoping to make a dent in some of my build tasks.


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