Full Size TOS Colonial Viper in aluminium


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Awesome! And I see you're using actual "airworthy" construction, yes? One of the guys at Techshop is scratch-building an experimental airplane from blueprints, and his fuselage construction looks exactly like yours. Awesome!!


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Thanks for all your feedback and encouragement. It's very motivating to know people have an interest in the project.

Kaylee, not sure what an A&P is?? I don't have any particular skills in metal fabrication or airframe construction, but I'm learning heaps as I go.

asalaw - yes I'm attempting to use the same airframe construction techniques as the guy you know. The materials I'm using are not exactly aircraft grade, but the techniques are the same as used by home builders.

gunnerk19 - I am happy for you to 'spread the word' and share the link wherever you see fit. What is the name of your TOS BSG page on FB? I'd like to take a look.


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I just watched the BSG TOS "movie" on blu-ray last night. Until then, I had not seen any BSG TOS footage in probably over two decades. Brings back memories. I love the viper and I hope to see your finished build. Very cool.


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"A&P" = Aircraft & Powerplant certified mechanic.

Does anyone know how many full-size Vipers (original or replica) currently exist, and where they are or who owns them? I saw one recently, I can't say where or when due to NDA, and I was wondering if it was built for that event or if it was pre-existing.


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@binarysunset, May the Colonial Gods be with you ! ! !

That is one impressive build you've got there, thanks for blogging it and sharing the link here.


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Happy to share with like minded people. I wanted to document the build as best I could in photos and hopefully inspire other builders.

I would love to see full size versions of the many other sci fi fighter ships, eg x-wing, a-wing, buck rogers Thunderfighter, etc.


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Cool!! :thumbsup

No this was TOS and he was, is a member, really nice guy invited any and all to come over and help with the build.

Gonna try and search for the thread when I have time, I wonder what become of it.

I don't know if he's a member here, but there's a gentleman named Dale Long in Cali that is also building a full scale Viper, although his is not a TOS model.

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