Full Size Predator Torso In Stan Winston Studio?


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I was watching the preview of "making a mechanical hand" on the Stan Winston School website and noticed straight away that there is a full size predator torso in the background. I thought all the moulds and positives were lost? Can anyone shed any light on it? Some detailed photos of that would be amazing if it were a genuine torso.

Good eye.

If you look on the left side in the background there is an Alien figure standing facing the other way. Plus, the mechanical hand that he is making looks like its for a Alien hand. My prognosis, this video was made during the production of the AVP films, and that the torso in the background is a sculpt not a mould or pull.

But can say that I know lol coz I don't ....hahaha
It looks like the same thing that a few people have managed to get hold of...resin casts of the whole body. Not sure what the provenance is or where they get them though.

Not to totally debunk double H or anything (but I'm going to), but SWS didn't do the effects for AVP, it was ADI, and also, that's a P1, not an AVP pred.
Also, I don't think that it was filmed inside of the Legacy Effects (formerly, SWS) studio. It could very well be the Legacy studio, but I have a feeling it's not. I'm more than sure they don't have Predator torsos laying around. I think it was added in there to authenticate the connection between what was going on, and the SWS School of Character Arts. What better way than to throw a nod to one of SWS' flagship characters.
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