Full Size Pierce Brosnan/ James Bond

The Mantis

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WORK IN PROGRESS... Hands are not finished, stance will be changed etc...I decided to put him in a semi-movement pose but I may change that. He is wearing the suit you see Brosnan in Tomorrow Never Dies when he receives his new BMW 750i. Steve Hamedl did a great job with finishing and painting this bust and of course the bust itself was scultped by (surprise surprise) Howard.

I am thinking of his left hand going in his pocket and right arm straight at his side, or perhaps up holding a gun....what do you think? What kind of stance should I have him in?

Thinking about this mannequin for it....what do you think?



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id do it like you mentioned one hand in pocket one up with gun, i think that would be a good bond like pose, looks a bit like hes dancing in the pose hes in now :p


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Now that's going to be amazing....
Steve's been busy with these paint up's. Good for him.


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Very nice. I just cast another Brosnan bust today for someone. Also finished a Connery style shoulder holster and Bond surveillance knapsack a la Goldfinger.
Maybe I'll post pictures.


The Mantis

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Will be mannequin hunting on ebay for just the right one...Superado, not much I can do about the neck and I observed this myself but using a lower profile dress shirt helps....


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if you did the one manny with a gun in the hand thats not on his waist, that would look awsome