Limited Run Full Size LEGO Lightsaber...Project Completed


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Update 4/24:
Lookie what FINALLY showed up this morning.
Shipping starts MONDAY!!!!!!!!!

The details:
CNC machined aluminum hilts aprox 8" long, polished. Comes with an 18' acrylic blade (color of your choice) and can be placed at either or both ends. Additional blades will be available at an extra cost. Color choices: Red, Blue, Green, Purple and maaaaaaaaaybe Yellow. If I do these, I'm fairly certain the run will go pretty quick if the shop and vendors stay on task. I've done a few runs of these in the past and I think these new runs will be even better.

To make this happen:
I would need at the very minimum 20 seriously interested people, 30 would be better. The more I get the low cost per unit. Right now with a minimum I'm fairly certain this could be done at $190 or less each. That's for one hilt and blade. Extra blades would be about $30 each. I won't know till I get this priced out from my shop.

If this run happens there's a good chance I'll offer something no one else has ever made...a double ended Darth Maul LEGO lightsaber. And there may be more...

Here's a couple from my previous run:

"The List"

1. Luuke - Red - PAID
2. Luuke - Blue - PAID
3. Tumbler - Blue & Red - PAID - SHIPPED
4. KahlDrogo - Red - PAID - SHIPPED
5. KahlDrogo - Blue - PAID - SHIPPED
6. NeoRutty - Green - PAID - SHIPPED
7. Chrno - Red (germany) - PAID - SHIPPED
8. RyDiddy - Blue - PAID - SHIPPED
9. DaleSabers - Red - PAID - SHIPPED
10. LB66679 - Red - PAID (L) - PICKED UP
11. TR97666 - Red - PAID (L) - PICKED UP
12. russellsch - Red & Blue - PAID - SHIPPED
13. Jamie75 - Red - PAID - SHIPPED
14. Snormeepoo - Red - PAID - SHIPPED
15. Stormshadow - Red - PAID - SHIPPED
16. Stormshadow - Blue - PAID - SHIPPED
17. ISBEAR - Red (norway) - PAID - SHIPPED
18. cjvince - Blue - PAID - SHIPPED
19. jadecat9 - Blue - PAID - ToBeHandDelivered
20. Logan7 - Blue - PAID - SHIPPED
21. Sandtracker - Red - PAID - SHIPPED
22. Jamiemp - Blue - PAID. - SHIPPED
23. boodah - Blue & Red - PAID - SHIPPED
24. teecrooz - Green PAID - SHIPPED
25. tomleech - Green - PAID - SHIPPED
26. NothingCreative - Red & Blue - PAID - SHIPPED
27. Karmajay - Blue - PAID - SHIPPED
28. Chirijack - Red & Blue - PAID - SHIPPED
29. (Maul Saber) kwikside - 2 Red & 2 Blue - PAID - SHIPPED
30. (Maul Saber) dday- 2 Red - PAID - SHIPPED
--capped at 30--









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Re: Full Size LEGO Lightsaber...

I'd be in for 2 hilts, one red blade and one blue

Mara Jade's Father

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Re: Full Size LEGO Lightsaber...

FYI: About 13 years ago, Tim P. was selling his version of this lightsaber over at ASAP which I was the admin. I soon got a C&D letter in the mail from Lego (I guess I was the only address they could obtain). The letter was actually quite nice for a C&D. They explained they had no objection to the design but of the use of the description as a "Lego Lightsaber" They suggested the name be changed to "Building Brick Lightsaber". I contacted Tim and let him know and the Lego Legal and let them know I was not selling the item but I had notified the actual person and that we were both complying with the C&D. That was the end of it.

Just thought you (and The RPF) might like to know.


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Re: Full Size LEGO Lightsaber...

Hmmm well we def want to make sure that we get enough people on this run... so maybe leave it as lego a liiiiittle bit longer, and then change the name when we hit closer to the 25...?


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Re: Full Size LEGO Lightsaber...

WOO-HOO!!! Please add me for 1 hilt with a red blade, & extra blue blade. Thank you! :thumbsup
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