Full Size Jack Skellington Build Videos


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Hey Folks,

Figured I should get off my butt and finally post these here... As I offered to do months ago...

My girlfriend and a friend of ours built a life size Jack Skellington... I make the odd contribution... But it's mainly them... These are the build videos...

The main body :

I did the articulated hands video :

I'm super happy with the final result and it was the centerpiece to last year's "Nightmare Before Christmas", Christmas Display !!


She's trying to start a craft show with a strong emphasis on creating items for Halloween & Christmas. He co-maker is a veteran of the set and prop building industry here in L.A so he always has good tips etc...

It's geared to the novice... Anyway hopefully the videos help and inspire folks for this upcoming Halloween or Christmas !


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Oh yeah if you want to help out, like & subscribe... You know the deal... the more subscribers / likes the more YouTube will share the videos to others... Thanks!


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Dude that's actually awesome, relatively simple and also pretty strurdy and durable.

Thanks... Her idea is to make the builds / projects accessible to the average person... and as you said above sturdy and durable... We will prob do "Nightmare Before Christmas" again this year as my girlfriend is doing "Tails From The Crypt" for Halloween... and 1 big build is enough per year... I think she will be doing more videos for some of the it...

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