Full Size Dalek Wins Dragon*Con! Pics added 9/9/12!


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After attending several conventions and such, I’ve learned that Doctor Who has a pretty large following. I’m about half way through the 21st century show and have enjoyed it so far. With a local Dr. Who con coming in June, I decided to try my hand at making a Dalek. Personally, I like the 2010 design better (it would have been a lot easier to build), but the size is way too cumbersome. The 2005 model, shown on the left, seems a bit more manageable.

I started with the skirt by creating the top and bottom panel and using a temporary frame. The panels (all plywood) were temporarily taped in place and the inside seams coated with fiberglass.


The outside was then shaped with bondo and wood putty. After a few coats of primmer there are a few flaws, but those will be easily fixed tomorrow.



The skirt is also made from plywood and reinforced with fiberglass. Unfortunately, I forgot about the flat part on top of the bumper, so it is a little bit smaller than the real prop. Hopefully nobody will notice. Due to the weather and schedule I don’t want to remake the piece, and honestly I want to have some clearance for going through doors anyway.




I’ll be shaping the bumper most of tomorrow. I should be starting on the shoulder section sometime in the week. Stay tuned.
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Re: Dalek 2005 Model WIP

Personally, I would have gone with the '73 version. This guy has scans of the plans the BBC put out back then: EXTERMINATE!
Still has a lot of useful tips.
Re: Dalek 2005 Model WIP

The plans issued by the BBC in the 70's are inaccurate. The best plans for all versions can be got from project dalek.

This is looking good so far, I'm looking forward to see how this develops.
Re: Dalek 2005 Model WIP

A Dalek and the Tardis are on my build list if I ever become independantly wealthy enough to have the time and money. Until then, I'll have to live vicarously through posts like this. :thumbsup

Re: Dalek 2005 Model WIP

Some More progress pictures

I was able to cut the temporary support out of the skirt now that the sides can support weight.


Also had to take a pause and see if I fit in the dalek. In reality, I will be making this a remote controled prop, not something I have to "wear"


I also managed to finish the majority of shaping work on the skirt. You can see here the issue I mentioned before where the skirt does not have a flat ledge. Personally, I think this looks better, but it might get replaced if I have time.


This week I'll be starting the shoulders, which may be one of the most challenging pieces. Stay tuned.
Re: Dalek 2005 Model WIP

Some more progress.

I’ve started the shoulders the same way I did the skirt: with a top and bottom base. Unlike the skirt however, the exact dimensions on the plans are vague, so I had to make some judgments and came up with what I thought looked right, at least for a base. This was then covered with poster board and the inside fiber glassed. Due to the cold, I have to keep a space heater on hand to allow the resin to cure.




I ended up will a little mess as the resin did not stick to the glossy poster board. I will be taking a belt sander to it tomorrow and then onto bondo.


I also started the gun boxes. They are made of play wood and will be inserted and trimmed into the shoulders once I get the raised details figured out.




Tomorrow will begin a lot of the bondo work and possibly the start of the panels that go around the shoulders.
Re: Dalek 2005 Model WIP

Spent a long weekend with bondo and a belt sander, and got the shoulders to a good enough spot where I can start the detail work. Keep in mind I will need to add more bondo once I get the foam and gun boxes mounted.



I went ahead and added the top detail with foam. My intent was to do all the foam THEN put the gun boxes in, but decided against this as it would make measuring the location of the boxes tricky. The shoulders were cut and the boxes glued in place with fiberglass. Tomorrow I’ll blend it in with bondo and try to continue adding foam details.





I’ve also started the slat armor for the sides. Still need to clean them up with bondo and wood putty, and add the bolt holes. I will be molding theses and casting copies from fiberglass to go around the shoulders.

Re: Dalek 2005 Model WIP

looking good i have the major parts to build one just havnt got round to it yet must try harder [thats what my school report used to say anyway]
Re: Dalek 2005 Model WIP

looking good, keep up the great work. i will convince my gf to let me build a dalek one day lol
Re: Dalek 2005 Model WIP

I’ve been putting as much time as I can into this but it doesn’t look like much as most of it has been putty, sand, repeat.

The foam details have been added to the shoulder section and it is currently in its bondo phase. I will be bringing the bottom edge out another 1/8” so it won’t be pretty for a little while longer. Hopefully this is the hardest part of the build.




The slat positives are also in the final putty stage so I should be making the mold this week.


I’ve also started on the neck rings and gun box detail. The gun box detail is two layers of 3mm balsa cut with a scroll saw. The neck rings are MDF and the bevel will be made with bondo.



Re: Dalek 2005 Model WIP

That looks amazing mate. Welcome to the club. This is my build.


Keep up the good work


Re: Dalek 2005 Model WIP

Some more work. I have been working as much as I can but a lot of it has been sanding, putty, and repeat.

The slats are coming along. I used a drill press to recess the area for the bolts and started to make molds.




Also finished up creating the rings. As mentioned before the belevel was made using two pieces of MDF and filling it with bondo. I will be adding groves for the cage tomorrow.



I also decided to make both gun box details out of wood to save some rubber


On the shoulders I fixed a grove area I missed previously and built the bottom edge another 1/8” out with balsa.


After some more bondo I sanded and primed. I had to fill a few details with putty, and will be adding the gun details and trimming for the tools soon.



I also started on the eye. Using a laser cutter at our shop, a series of circles were cut and glued together to form the main recess of the eye.



More to come….
Re: Dalek 2005 Model WIP

Progress has been a little hampered by the weather her, but slowly marching forward. I completed a big step and assembled the outer neck cage.


And here it is on the body. I've also attached the gun box details.



Most of the upcoming work is to start casting the slats and balls, but overall I am very happy with how this project is progressing.

I also put together a little something to wear while showing it off. The jacket is just a generic double breasted jacket. It is not accurate, but was cheap and I believe fits the part well.



Now if I could only find a Rose:cry
Re: Dalek 2005 Model WIP with 9th Doctor

You go to any convension and there are normally lots of Rose's abount :)

You buld is coming along well, it won't be long before he can start to chase all the little kids at a show.
Re: Dalek 2005 Model WIP with 9th Doctor

An excellent build, most impressive! - It looks like Dalek Chad will soon have a friend to play with lol

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Re: Dalek 2005 Model WIP with 9th Doctor

Great build thread!!!

The foam details have been added to the shoulder section and it is currently in its bondo phase. I will be bringing the bottom edge out another 1/8” so it won’t be pretty for a little while longer. Hopefully this is the hardest part of the build.

I don't know a lot about building this kind of thing, what is the news paper being used for in the Bondo phase photo?
Re: Dalek 2005 Model WIP with 9th Doctor

I don't know a lot about building this kind of thing, what is the news paper being used for in the Bondo phase photo?

The paper mache protects the foam from getting eaten by the bondo. If I wanted to be a little more professional I would have coated the foam in urathane resin (the polyester resin I normally use disolves the foam) and then apply the bondo, but that method cost a bit more than newspapers and elmer's white glue. I've used the paper to seal foam on my portal gun and Subject Delta with very good results.
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