Full Guyver Suit Sculpture


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Hey guys, I haven't posted in a while but I just finished a full suit sculpt for my 2nd advanced sculpture class in school and thought I'd post some pictures of the process!
I started out making a body cast of a friend of mine and casting it in resin and fiberglass and welding a steel base, then i sculpted out the suit in a couple sections, molded it all in ultracal and cast in latex. The whole process took about a month and a half and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out!

9005_941673429190504_4476339076909089031_n.jpg 984265_939238652767315_1279887055607545969_n.jpg IMG_2588.JPG 11139012_979847575373089_4213672117370614818_n.jpg 11133844_979847605373086_8302831297258830864_n.jpg 11102936_978727325485114_2546323969307739837_n.jpg 11102706_978839132140600_2499206731946442030_n.jpg 11091276_978269388864241_4660882233267427389_n.jpg 13211_978269412197572_8895703692786430010_n.jpg 11175000_994000673957779_7497594594006951033_n.jpg 10426677_982054428485737_2598785757330613435_n.jpg 10384227_984775121547001_6890209560666289584_n.jpg 10314659_985787591445754_2596588832122787283_n.jpg 1506970_982054385152408_305031004563958243_n.jpg 1378877_982054441819069_5216027400140523546_n.jpg 11182299_993356400688873_5068868668186838693_n.jpg 11015200_988616314496215_2400750730543511092_n.jpg 10407271_988068704550976_8518303684322216509_n.jpg 11102756_987438717947308_7310977598413661645_n.jpg 10945585_938701216154392_886167414093696880_n.jpg 10947246_938701232821057_8600527172940754342_n.jpg IMG_2410.JPG IMG_2420.JPG IMG_2474.JPG


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Yes!!!!! That is awesome!!!! When you taking orders?
Thanks! And right now actually! check out my facebook page Kyle Yaklin FX, I posted the details there a couple of days ago.
I might start a thread in the junkyard if there's enough interest here as well.
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