Interest Full Cap America suit AoU (Pics heavy)

Pannaus Props

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Hey guys, wanted to see if there's enough interest to start a run for this.
We're working on the upgrade of the suit we finished few weeks ago.

All the pieces will be sold separately if you want.
We're working on the new boot covers (leather with red rubber trim), gloves (fabric), belt buckle (more accurate size) and helmet.

This is what you get.

Fabric suit including:
- Heavy Fabric with navy blue, red, dark red (for the legs), white and blu for the suit
- rubber starbursts sewn in
- glued rubber star
- rubber shoulder trims
- fabric covered foam knee caps and elbow guards with velcro for easy removal
- rubber forearm pieces sewn
- rubber tighs pieces glued
- rubber straps glued on side pockets covers

Front belt Buckle and Back Harness buckle made of cold cast aluminum resin
Leather boot covers with red rubber trims
Leather belt with fabric on top layer and 6 pouches with webbing on top and cold cast aluminum resin thingies
Leather harness with webbing on top plus cold cast aluminum resin clips

24'' Fit finished Helmet (still in the works)

Suit made with your measurements as long as they don't differ too much from our original suit made for a 6 foot, 180 pounds fellow.

Asking price is 3000 usd + shipping.
Payment plans will be available.
Also, every part of the suit will be available separately if you so wish.
Here are quite a few pictures of our first suit, that is now being upgraded.

Thanks for watching!

Helmet in the works:



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I'd be interested in the gauntlets separately, minus the fingerless gloves and arm magnets (already have those), and also the shoulder trims.
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Ryan Mrozek

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I'm interested in getting a belt, the harness, and the gauntlets. How much would all of those run together?



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Any progress updates? Really would like to see the finished gauntlets, still interested in those, thanks.