Fulgore from KI (Xbox1 version)


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So I'm in my early phase of making this costume of Fulgore from Killer Instinct from Xbox One. I've seen a few Fulgores from the original KI games but none have been with the latest up to date version. I'm a huge fan of the new Fulgore so I'm going to try to make this amazing looking fighting robot with functional devastation beam mechanisms.

for those that don't know what Fulgore looks like:

and the Devastation Beam looks like this:

so I started pretty basic I went ahead and started with making his Head template in 3D and i'm going to import it to pepakura and make a cardstock template for all the contours of his head. Its a pretty unique shape with a unique mouth piece. I only want to use styrofoam so i'll be trying to get almost like an Iron man helmet pep template.

This is a very helpful reference picture I found on Deviant Art:

and this is my current progress:

and for the blades since they were quick and easy I grabbed 2 sheets of clear Acrylic plastic and traced out the template for the blades going on the arms. I plan to attach LEDs on the bottom and see how well they light up.

I might need to do some serious research on how LEDs work because im not much of an electronic guy all I know how to do is wire fans together so I dont make a small sweat storm inside hot cosplay bodies. Its another reason why I like the idea of Fulgore. I can attach the tubes to my face piece and wire them to the back with fans. I'll make seperate openings so I can properly vent all the hot air and stay cool. There's also a set of tubes on the waist leading close to the front of the groin area and any guy can tell you wearing heavy cosplay will affect that region very baldy so I looked at it as a gift from the designers. There are tubes everywhere so I plan to visit the plumbing stores or cpu stores and buy lots cords or wiring for all the details. I want to make LED eyes too so like I said I need to do a lot of research into making the battery and wiring system for this whole build. But it shouldnt be too hard.

I will make Fulgore the same way I made my Gurren Lagann Suit:


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yeah like I said its in a very early stage, I'm going to be gathering materials for a while but I just found the perfect tubes at Ikea for 5$ and they're super light so I'll let you know how it turns out. Still need to do some research for the LEDs so if you know a good link for me please by all means help me out lol


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Now its been dropped into Pepakura and since I have a magic scale number already figured out, this should be my only draft as far as helm fitting is concerned



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If you need help on the wiring of the LEDs, hit me a pm as you get closer to installing them.
Its very simple once you understand a few things.
If it's still to much, I'd be happy to put together a harness for you.


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will do, LEDs are the bane of my existence atm. I work out of town so I can't do much until I get back. So my progress will be somewhat slow lol


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made a mock mask with the flaps to just double check the scale, sorry for the bad lighting

and I cut out the template of the blades on the acrylic sheet and im going to get the good old hacksaw and start cutting out the blades.


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Been on a huge hiatus because life is always trying its best to get in the way. Doing my best to finally finish this costume. All those who pm'ed me asking for my pep file I have to make a new one since it doesnt really work all that well and pieces need fixing. All in good time


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I finished making the arms/hands/feet with no LEDs or wiring yet
I touched up my 3D file to scale things close to the original helm and then took the chest and leg plates of the 3D model into pepakura
And this is the first attempt at making the helmet (using tape to hold it together until its complete)
but I ran outa cardstock and ink at the same time so now I gotta go to the store
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