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Hand Made Imperator Furiosa Costume - Mad Max Fury Road.

A few years ago for Halloween I had a lovely women on Etsy hand make my girlfriend a furiosa costume from Fury Road Mad Max. It was made very specifically sized for my girlfriend including things like waist size, arm length, shoulder distance, belt size etc but she is a small size 4 or sometimes 6. And 5’6” tall.

Included is everything you see in the photos, which are made out of leathers, metal, plastics and chains. Its not really super accurate in terms of being a replica or anything, so think of it more as a fun-cosplay costume for halloween. Also included is a big hard shelled plastic/metal carrying case styled after Charlize Theron’s on set case.

Please also be advised that it is fairly tricky to put on, and so I’d advise that you should be pretty skilled at working with costumes like this, making adjustments, etc. But considering this is the RPF, I imagine there will be no problem here. ;-)

I do have my original correspondence with the Etsy maker which I can send in the order which helps to explain all the pieces. Happy to answer any questions you might have otherwise. And send any additional photos as needed.

If you live in San Francisco or the Bay Area, you’re welcome to come and look at it in person (please wear a mask!).

I have no idea how much shipping will cost. But if you're in the US I can probably cover it. I'd rather not sell internationally at this time. (due to cost of shipping)


IMG_1103.jpeg IMG_1102.jpeg IMG_1107.jpeg IMG_1117.jpeg IMG_1116.jpeg IMG_1112.jpeg IMG_1111.jpeg IMG_1110.jpeg IMG_1105.jpeg IMG_1104.jpeg IMG_1109.jpeg
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