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Star Wars FS: Compac Super SCOPE 6x31 for Greedo Killer, Converted

Buy now for 600 USD
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For Sale: Custom modified Compac Super 6x31 Scope (serial number 0001!), modified by myself to closely match the original 2.5x scope used on Han Solo’s Greedo Killer blaster. All the details match except the saddle/elevation and windage knobs and eyepiece locking ring, which are only slightly different. Have a look at the pics and see for yourself.

I turned down the front ocular lens bell on my lathe. Then I used a spare, thick lens (from another scope) and custom modeled and 3D printed a sleeve for the lens to fit into so the front lens assembly would all fit together in the front of the scope and look correct.

You can still look through the scope and see the crosshairs, but the image is blurry. Regardless, the scope now looks as if it were originally manufactured in its current configuration, and it will look perfect on your Greedo Killer build! Vintage 1” Weaver rings are included!

$600 shipped in the lower 48
I accept PayPal and Venmo

Thanks for looking!


  • 1E1E7ED5-AB2F-4454-8F33-5AF7FF41727F.jpeg
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