FS: Adler Universal 20 - close to "Shining" typewriter

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This typewriter is available for pickup in Los Angeles. I'd like to avoid shipping due to weight and chance of further damage.

This is an Adler Universal 20 typewriter. It's a very similar model to the Universal 39 featured in The Shining. Unfortunately, this particular typewriter was damaged in shipment, resulting in one of the knobs shattering and a crack in the housing. I'm not sure well it actually functions as a typewriter...a few keys stick, but it seems to work mostly as I'd expect (I'm not familar with typewriters though). I'd suspect you could have it in working condition with some servicing, but I can't guarantee that something internal didn't get bent or damaged during shipment.

These seem to be pretty rare in the US, but in light of the damage, I'm asking for $100 if you come pickup in LA.


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