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Frist look at Ghostbusters reboot proton pack

CIv_SQ1W8AAhXe1.jpg ghostbusters.jpg
I found this pic at and
what do you guys think of the reboot packs?
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Can anyone identify that tool box that's attached to the bottom of the pack? The one with rivets attached to it's flat surfaces?


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I like both the pack and the new costumes. I hear all the complaining from the usual suspects but they don't seem to like ANYTHING. I think the movie will be good, I am glad we are getting a a new GB film at all after all these years, my mind is open right now. Love the new proton pack though and hope they have an auction of the props after the film comes out. (the studio will probably keep them for a sequel but I can hope.)


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The pink heart on it is the only thing that is throwing me off lol. But I'm sure it will be fine!


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That was built for the pack, not off the shelf, assuming that's what you're asking.

Although that's a casting, the master box was a faceted bent sheet metal box tube with welded caps, that recessed pocket, 3D printed handle and rivets on the front.
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