Fright Night.....


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I saw this tonight. Only theater left anywhere nearby (odd, for california) that was still playing it. 3d was good in the last half, but first half was a bit too dark to work well.

Other than the positives everyone else has listed, I'd also just like to say i LOVED the score. I just got it, and it's by the same guy who did the wonderful Game of Thrones score too. So that just makes it even better. But to me, it totally captured the great feel of the movie.

I don't know why, but Fright Night is one of the ONLY horror movies I hated when I saw it originally. Now, I can stand it. But I still don't "love" the original. It's ok. But I just don't see anything about it that makes me want to sit down and watch it over again.

This one is more of a popcorn flick, but I liked it that way. I wish it was still playing. I'd have all my pals go see it. one of the few remakes I thought did a decent job.


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It didn't do well in the boxoffice dollars. Should be in Netflicks soon :)
They really should have tried to wait till october to release it. At least get the halloween crowd pumped for it. It really just looked like there was so much still in theaters making a ton, that this just got pushed out for a lackluster performance.

However, that doesn't mean it will be on netflix "soon". Not by my def.
Besides, by the time it hits payperview, most of them have agreements that netflix can not put something up for at least another month. So you are looking at.. oh.. probably late january/feb before it starts showing up at all. Unless they decide to try and get this out on blu/dvd before xmas. :/


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Just saw it recently, it was it that or DOnt Be Afraid of The Dark. I'm a big fan of the original and didn't expect too much. I enjoyed it. My wife and I both thought of Russel Brand (who I love) as soon as Ten (who I also love) appear. I'll probably watch it again on DVD.


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Sounds like I should just re-watch the original if my interest is peaked. I am curious about David Tennant though.


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They are are about the same to me. Enough going on to keep me entertained and cheesy enough to keep me laughing.


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I never got around to see it at the theater, but i just preorder the 3d version on blu ray....