Fright Night 1985: Peter Vincent Vampire Killer main costume breakdown and prop info


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Hey guys. I thought the original Fight Night was fun, witty, scary and absolutely perfect for its time and place in history. Everything clicked. It wan't trying to be anything it wasn't and was everything it could possibly be. One of my big regrets is not going to Horror Cons in college and not getting to meet Roddy McDowall, surely a superb actor and a gentleman to boot.

One of the best costumes in the movie was Peter Vincent's "Horror Host" outfit, taken from one of his old Hammer-type flicks. It was made to look like what it was: a 70's-80's take on an 1830's to 1870's gentleman's every-day wear with some mishmash of styles from several time periods put into one with some interesting elements thrown in. I am doing a breakdown of the "closest I can get" versus the real version in this thread and would love input and/or corrections from fans who have more info to both help me and you guys make a better costume. Will add other posts to this thread as I go/acquire/make more of this all work. I'll start from the top down.

The necklace:
Peter Vincent is wearing a necklace with alternating black and white or black and silver beads ( they look ivory to me, which is what I picked, but I could be wrong) with three charms on them. In the photo on his right, there is a golden Italian horn with cap. I tried "gold fang" with similar but not close enough results. The Italian horn is curved the right way. On Peters left is a golden winged scarab charm which I found a near match for on Etsy. In the center is a gold or brass or bronze hamsa or khamsah which is a five fingered amulet popular the middle east. Peters has a Star of David in the center and is the version with the thumb sticking out to his right instead of the symmetrical version with two "thumbs". Here is the first one I made ( am working on a second with a bigger hamsa) with a black and white close up of the original from a movie still. This charm necklace was presumably to ward off evil while not having any actual crosses on it for Peter to use against Jerry Dandridge. This part of the costume was not seen in Fright Night II. IMG_3295.jpg IMG_3298.jpg

The jacket:
This is a warm-brown velvet coat with satin edging or piping. The cut is like a riding jacket or sport coat in that it much shorter than a frock coat but still has Victorian or pre-victorian styling. The lapels have three irregular peaks similar to costume jackets worn in Hammer films, and in other gothic tales like "House of Usher" in the 1960's. I'm not sure but that type of tailoring was popular in the 1830's and 40's. Here's a comparison picture of Winthrop's jacket in "Usher" and Vincent Price wearing one with a similar cut from the same movie. 327968214.jpg Fright_Night_1985_Roddy_McDowall_with_Cross.jpg HaBqPdq.jpg house-of-usher.jpg vusher.jpg

I will eventually custom tailor one for myself, but my stand-in is a Marc Ecko Orisis Velvet blazer with satin piping. I bought more satin to line the pocket edges and make the arms bands to more closely match the movie one ( I used a Bias tape maker and an iron but have not sewn them in yet) and have added two brown buttons on the back left and right. I could alter the lapels on this one but I'll leave it for now. IMG_3300.jpg IMG_3303.jpg









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Re: Fright Night 1985: Peter Vincent Vampire Killer main costume breakdown and prop i

Blowing the dust off this thread. Did you ever put you together a Peter Vincent outfit?
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