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Fricken' Laser Beam!

Discussion in 'Production Made Costumes and Props' started by poormansjb, Apr 4, 2012.

  1. poormansjb

    poormansjb Well-Known Member

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    I have a sort of accidental collection of Austin Powers memorabilia (I picked-up Michael Caine's "Nigel Powers" suit cheap at a PIH auction and it just snowballed from there) including one of the original shark lasers from Goldmember. The electronics contained in the acrylic section (the rest is molded vinyl) were originally battery-operated but I modified them to run off an AC adapter, though that means it's no longer watertight.
    View attachment 89589 View attachment 89584 View attachment 89585 View attachment 89587 View attachment 89588 View attachment 89586

    There wasn't alot of interest in it when Screen Used listed in on their site nor when they consigned it to PIH so i was surprised by how much attention it got at the SoCal RPF meet a couple of weeks ago.

    View attachment 89594

    By the time I bought it from Screen Used, the emitter rings had almost all come loose and the barrel was covered in glue so there was some restoration to be done. Also, it had somehow gotten to Screen Used assembled backwards -- making it about twice as long as it was designed to be -- and that, unfortunately, is the scale they built the display case to.

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  2. hydin

    hydin Sr Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    Love the podium :)

    Very cool collection!

  3. Hotshot

    Hotshot Sr Member

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    i think you need a frickin' shark . . .or maybe some sea bass?

    Either way, pretty cool!!
  4. poormansjb

    poormansjb Well-Known Member

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    Not really apparent in the pics but it's lit internally.

    Angry sea bass?
  5. Flix4Me

    Flix4Me Well-Known Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    I congratulated you on your collection at the party. They are nice pieces but I think what really struck me was your presentation. The pieces were all displayed very handsomely.

  6. poormansjb

    poormansjb Well-Known Member

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    Thanks. It was my first time at an RPF event; I've shown stuff (mostly Bond) at fundraisers and so on but this was obviously a very different environment. I need to somehow promote that I'm doing all my own framing/shadowboxing, write my own copy, and create my own graphics (though alot of those elements were hard to see since the Powers pieces were up on stage).
  7. Art Andrews

    Art Andrews Community Owner Community Staff

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    Absolutely LOVE this piece!
  8. Shyaporn

    Shyaporn Active Member

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    To second, that really is a nicely done display.

    Though, to second another thought, your next step should be to build a shark head podium :)
  9. mikee870

    mikee870 New Member

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