FreeCAD vs. Blender? What should I use to model armor with?


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(FreeCAD*in case no one knows of it*)

I've been using Google Sketchup for years and I love it, but I need a program that can help me make my own armor designs from scratch like most of the people on here. I already decided on using Blender, but then I saw that FreeCAD and I was wondering what's the difference, and if there is which is better? It seems like FreeCAD is similar to Google Sketchup, but can it make complex shapes like you could in Blender? Im trying to make the armor from the new Halo Kai figure Master Chief and some Kamen Rider costumes.



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I don't know much about freeCad, if anything.

Blender is amazing, and there are tons of expert tutorials out there. Especially Andrew Price's stuff.


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Go with Blender. Although freecad seems to have a few very neat features if you want to model a lot of organic forms, then you will have to use blender. CAD programs usually are more for engineering stuff, and not modelling. You might want to look at Wings3D if you intend do to low poly modelling, very powerful and intuitive, too. But Blender has the larger user base, and yoiu will very likely find an answer to all your questions in the dedicated blender forums.