[FREE PATTERN] batman black - dye-sub pattern

Discussion in 'DC Costumes and Props' started by davekirk, Sep 7, 2015.

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    Hi everyone one, I have been making patterns for just under 2 months now, I did this one when I was bored this afternoon, I'm offering it for free for a limited time to anyone who shares my sellfy page.
    If you want the free pattern go to the link below.
    black batman pro1.jpg batman original brighterpro2.jpg
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    thank you
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    My new custom spiderman suit, I will soon be making suits and many of my new patterns will be exclusive and no longer sold on my Selffy page, also many of my existing patterns will be removed from sellfy as well, There are 2 reasons I have decided to do this, the first being my patterns are very detailed and I dont think that the printers that many of the zentai companies use are doing my work justice, I have seen some prints from a certain supplier that are far superior and I will be getting these and together with a seamstress from my university starting a suit selling business. The second reason is that the zentai companies have a reputation for "stealing" designers patterns, I know this has happened already with several of mine and I have only been doing this 2 months, so I have decided that if my patterns are no longer available for download this problem will no longer exist.
    If anyone would like more info on my suit making check out my facebook
    we will be purchasing so prints this week to test and sew, once that is done then we will start taking commissions, thanks for reading.
    close up.JPG new.JPG newest.jpg

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