Free paper model props for download by me!

Ron Caudillo

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Hi all,
I just discovered (and joined) this fantastic forum site!

I'm a designer of paper models. These can be downloaded (all of mine are free), printed at home onto cardstock, cut out, folded, and assembled using ordinary Elmer's glue to make a surprisingly sturdy and realistic 3D model.

You can download my available models from this link in the introductions:

My post is #1800 at the bottom.

This is a hooby for me that allows me to imagine, design, and build entirely from my imagination and is a wonderful mental exercise for me. I can then freely share the models for others to enjoy and as a thank you for receiving reference material to design them in the first place.

Other projects I am actively designing and building:
Babylon 5 Starfury (with detailed cockpit)
Hako-style Enterprise bridge (I need to finish the command section and view screen)
Lost in Space series (now working on the Jupiter 2- with detailed upper deck)
Doctor Who Dalek (2005 NSD)
Despicable Me car
Commodore computer series

And a LOT MORE ideas that I have (and am) gathering reference material and making drawings:
1980s 8-bit computer series (Atari, TI, Timex-Sinclair, Apple, etc.) <--NEED reference help PLEASE!)
Despicable Me jet
Oscar Meyer Weinermobile (with detailed interior)
Forbidden Planet C-157 D with detailed interior)
USS Monitor (with detailed interior)
Other 'ideas' yet to be fleshed out (and I have a BUNCH of them!)

As I release new models, I will be sure to post a message and link to the download.

There is some FANTASTIC work displayed here and I hope to be able to contribute as well. If there is any reference material available for my current projects, I would be most greatful and be sure to give credit for the source.

Best Regards,
Ron Caudillo
PM me for my e-mail address.
Re: Free paper props for download by me!

Cool thank you! I downloaded the X wing model and the Boba fett helmet. I wanna give them a try when I get some time. I see the X wing is a level 4 but I am a novice. It could take a while. Thanks Again.

Here is a site that maybe you can get some more model ideas The Pictures are all to scale.
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Welcome aboard Ron, I've built several of your models and have been waiting to see more from you. Glad to see you on the forum.
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