"Free Guy" glasses replica

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I'm putting together a "Blue Shirt Guy" costume from the movie "Free Guy" and wanted to use the glasses from the climax:


The Free Guy "Guy" costume thread identified them as Garrett Leight Kinney Combo glasses, which sell for $335, which is more than I'd like to spend:


So I tried to re-create them on a budget. I couldn't find any glasses that looked close enough like them for sale online, so I got a pair I thought would be a good basis for some customization:

Screenshot_20210820-122741_Amazon Shopping.jpg

When I got them, they were more orange than pictured, and the shape was too large and feminine styled for what I wanted. I tried removing the lenses and reshaping the rims with heat, and darkening them with brown Sharpie which got me closer to the Garrett Leigh look, but not close enough.


I decided to replace the rims completely with 3D printed ones I modeled from "scratch." I took the head-on image of the glasses from Garrett Leight website (which I posted earlier in this thread), edited it into a silhouette and took it into Inkscape to convert it to a basic 3D model. I opened that model in Blender and edited it to get this:


I printed it in clear PLA at 100% infill, sanded it:


After a quick coloring test using Sharpies, I was pleased. I used yellow, brown and black for the tortoise pattern, coloring front, back and sides. I also used black and silver Sharpie on the "metal" parts:

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Next up, I printed the mirror image of the rim for the other side. Here it is taped temporarily into place. The other rim is screwed in from the back of the frame:

I was hoping to re-use the original lenses, and since they were larger than the new rims, I was able to grind them down. Here's a test fitting:


I popped the lenses back out and redid the coloring of the left rim, as it had faded due to handling (which I knew would happen, and always intended to redo and seal with a clear coat):



At this time, I decided to try to reshape the frames. They needed some grinding down at least at the top, since they stuck out above the new rims, but I also tried to copy the shape of the bridge and the arms. I used a Dremel and hand files to round out the arms, and also bent the bridge with pliers and brute force:


Disaster strikes!


Too much grinding and bending caused the bridge to snap. I had already been think of making a new metal bridge, since altering the original frame was never going to be that accurate. I decided to glue the rims to the bridge before screwing them to the frame so I could get the right orientation:


Here's my rims and bridge...


...and here's the original, real Garret Leight Kinney Combo frames for comparison:



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Primed and painted - I used Krylon Colormax gray primer and Vallejo acrylic paint:


Test fit (plastic nose pads have been removed) :

I used JB Steelstick epoxy putty to fill in the gaps on where the temple meets the rims:


I ground down the bridge a bit too much so that it bent too easily, so I used the Steelstick and some super glue to reinforce and stabilize it:


In hindsight, I should've attached the nose bridge to the back, instead of sandwiching it between the frame and the rim, since it made a gap, and pushed the nose pads too far back. But I was able to bend things so that everything is close to where it should be, and looks good from the front, at least.

I wasn't entirely sure what color the metal parts are supposed to be - some photos they look more silver, others more gold. I ended up leaving the metal parts bare, which were a light gold-ish tone. I used metallic Sharpies (my favorite) to color the plastic parts and to blend into the bare metal.
I also found some actual screws for the front instead of the 3D modeled ones, since they just look better. I used some gold Sharpie and partially wiped it off to tint the silver screws a bit to match the rest of the glasses.

Ready for clearcoat:


I had to make a few bends to the frame after this, to get the right shape and fit, but I think everything turned out pretty well!
Here's the final shots, with the lenses re-inserted:






Thanks for looking!


Edit: Some if the pics make the rims look very different colored from each other, but in reality, they don't look that different. The final pic posted above is pretty accurate to how they look IRL.
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