Freddy costume


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Hi guys at the start of getting a Freddy costume in time for Halloween and comic con events so I started with the mask and have a wfx inferno mask on the way and can't wait...
Now I want to be accurate as possible and any help with the rest of the costume like glove ,hat would be appreciated from the UK thanks people


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Hello i was looking at the same mask you have just got (nice) there are lots of places to get good gloves:
Night Terror Gloves
Demented GloveWorks
Razor Gloves
Soulfire Gloves
Oblivion FX
Knife Gloves
take a look and see what you think........
Razor Gloves is great they have a lot to offer depending on you budget....and there name comes up often for freddy gloves.. so have a look and see what you think.......
sleep kills lol