Frank Reade inspired Zeppelin RACER


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An image of what inspired this build.
Taken from the Frank Reade header / banner which appeared on magazine covers.

3 pics that show the basic components for the build.
The 2 posts that connect the Bag to the Gondola represent tubular chain guards -
which house drive-chains that work the main 8 blade pusher propeller.

Looks F A S T doesn't she!

Then I went back-in to begin the superdetails.
I used 'tulle' to depict Net for the 'bag' - which means this 'racer' is a type of Zepp-Blimp hybrid.

detail: The figure is 1/32nd scale & the model measures in at 13.5 inches.
The engine is from 'Rommel's Rod' & the propeller is 2x Hamilton Standards (B-29) force-fit to make 1 air-screw.
Note the sailing-ship's wheel for steering & the small cannon (strictly used for defense / ala Prof Fate's car)

to be continued...


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Love it.... I pulled down my Graf Zeppelin kit last night..... Thinking I haven't seen an airship built here for a while.... Well there you go! Nice work.


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I found 2 'started' GZ kits at garage sales & I'm gonna work them into SteamPunk designs of some kind or another, maybe a single Double-hulled Dreadnaught...
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