Frank Darko


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I have been sneaking around this forum for a while but I usually don't make many replicas, I mostly make my own design on stuff.
But finally I made something that is sort of a replica. Now I have something to show! :D

I made my own version of the Donnie Darko mask.
Wanted it to be a bit darker and dirtier, more in my own style. That is why I call it Frank Darko.. :p

Hope you like it! ^^
(This mask is sold.)

p6pJwFc.jpg ArRnMof.jpg zumT6F4.jpg

Made with mostly papier mache/paper clay, painted with silver and several coats of brown, black, some schellack etc. And fabrics.
The eyes are clear plastic and a black see-through mesh fabric.
Teeth are made of sculpey. And the leather straps are from an old leather bag.

nITo6n7.jpg jNGQUuV.jpg

Inside of the mask. It has foam pads with adhesive to be glued inside the mask and cut into the right shape for the person wearing it. ^^ (In the pic they are not attached yet, that is why it looks a bit weird.)


Used "water clay" or "ceramics clay" or whateva it is called in english :) The white type I used is really nice.
I made a mold of it using a really crappy plaster. Next time I am using Jesmonite, it has to be the best mold making material in the world xD

Hope you enjoyed it, feel free to shoot questions at me!
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