Francis X Clampazzo (Clamps from Futurama) Anodized Aluiminum Bust


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Here's my bust of Clamps from Futurama. It's machined and anodized aluminum except for the brass eyes, mouth, and nameplate.

Black3-4 Quarter Res.jpgWhiteFrontQuarter Res.jpg

Here's what it looked like before anodizing:


I wish I could keep a copy that stayed like that.

I kept my references to the original run of episodes on fox, in the comedy central episodes his head was super skinny and a different shape from the front

But even in the same scene things would be completely different from shot to shot. The big differences were that lower jaw went from rounded in the back to sharp and where his neck attached, so it was impossible to be 100% accurate. I compromised a little on the jaw and i had the neck go straight up pretty much just because it was easier


ReferenceComparisonQuarter Res.jpg

Thanks for checking it out!
Comp 1_1.jpg
(video here:
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