Fox Mulder (X-Files) Wallet and ID


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Here’s my first prop…Fox Mulder IDs from The X-Files.

I used to make these out of cardboard in the 90s when I was at school, charging people a bar of chocolate so I could use the gold foil for the badge. This is significantly more upmarket though!

Full disclosure, it’s probably more accurate to say I project managed it rather than ‘made’ it myself!

- The badge I bought online, it’s a resin cast which I stripped and repainted. I’m debating whether it’s worth making a 3D model to have one printed out of copper metal or something.

- The wallet I provided plans to my ‘leather guy’ on how I wanted it, type of leather, interior material etc. and he did a great job.

- ID cards I generated artwork from high res photos of the screen used props, cleaning them up and straightening them etc. Same for the photos which I had printed onto photo paper and affixed to the cards mimicking the real props.

- Hanging ID holder was the hardest part, took ages to find one that was closest in look and size to those in the show, finally found this one on eBay.

Hope you like anyway.


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