Fountain Guard Helmet (Lord of the Ring)


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Hi everybody, i've created (in june 2014!) pep file of the Fountain Guard helmet and I just wanted to share it because there is no pdo file for this helmet. 3D modeling by Maty743 a very good Skyrim modder (Maty thank you for your work :))
To download the pdo file, >>>this way<<<

To download the pdo file, >>>this way<<<

That's my first (and my last :p) unfold, there is probably lots of thing to improve, feel free to do it ;)
_DSC8999.JPG _DSC9017.jpg _DSC9568.JPG _DSC9577.JPG

Final Result: well..."final" is probably not the right word because there are missing feathers on the left wing ^^... Another detail that is important is the contour
of the eye and "mouth" with gold (not done yet...)
-resin inside/outiside
-fiberglass inside
-bondo outside
-a loooottt of sanding
-white coating spay paint
-silver spray paint
-black acrylic paint for the weathering/battle damage
-black inside

I've used swan feathers, you can found it on ebay (mine comes from
The wings are made with thick cardboard, those the pdo file are usefull as a pattern.

Hope this will be usefull for someone :D


Fountain Guard helmet preview.jpg





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Wow, what an excellent first post! Welcome to the RPF!

Thanks for sharing this file. It looks like it will be an easy and pretty accurate build. I hope this isn't your last unfold - you seem to have made a pretty good job of this one. I've got a couple of Uruk Hai peps if you'd like to have a go at them to keep your hand in.

Again, thanks and welcome!


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Thank you Blaxmyth! I've spent so many of hours on this forum, that's the least I can do to thanks this beautifful community :)
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