"Found Parts Build" sonic screwdriver showoff and question


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I like to make sonic screwdrivers out of found parts and this is my latest one.






This one was made with a screw in the middle, a dremel, hack saw, sand paper, and found parts. some of the parts are even from this chest that use to belong to my great grandfather, probably making them older than I am.

My question, and I hope this is the right place to ask, is:
when I started making this someone asked me if they could pay me to make one for them. I am planning on making this the one to sell, but I don't know how much to charge because I have never sold something like this before. So I figured I'd come here and ask your opinions.

So, how much should I charge if it is a one of a kind, hand made (with no plans), 97% metal sonic screwdriver which is made from found parts?
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The answer is.... Whatever you can get!
However, if you are going to continue making them, then double the cost of materials and include something for your time.
If you're just doing it for fun, charge the price of a dinner out at Chili's for you and your girl!
I'm building one for ME, just ME! and it'll be the one everyone wants! But they can't have it, No, not EVER! Cuz it's MINE!!
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