Found A 1/4 Elder, But At A Cost


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So I went to a TRU and found a 1/4 elder!!!! Problem is was the box was open and his face has a gap between his eyes and mouth. I was able to get them to sell it to me for 60. But now have to figure out a way to close the gap. The glue dried where I can't push it in. If anyone has any suggestions I would appreciate it. Lucky that's all that's wrong with it he had all his pieces even though it was open
Here he is

Take the lower part of the face off. 
See what's stopping the part from fitting flush.
Use a dremel tool to remove excess material.
Remove a little at a time check fit.
Do this until it fits flush or to your likening.
Thanks for the advice everyone. I was able to boil the head. It softened the plastic enough where I was able to add some super glue and shove it back into place. Good as new thanks everyone
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