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Hello everyone-

After a year and a half, we've finally launched our website:

It is still a work in progress, so check back for updates.

We formed the company to design exhibitions and create high-fidelity models. Our first project, "NASA: A Human Adventure" launched in Stockholm, Sweden in January and is now traveling to Madrid, Spain. It is expected to remain in Europe for the next 5 to 10 years, and a second exhibition is planned for Asia and the US. Additionally, we have one exhibition in design phase and another in pre-production.

As you can see by our stellar crew, we are former ILM model makers. With the demise of Kerner Optical, we are looking to expand and pick up some more film work; additionally we will be offering restoration services for collectors (both model and creature work).

Concurrently, we also launched a Facebook page. Please "like" us and help spread the word...models still rule!

--Don Bies
Wow that's great news Don. What a line up. You looking for any 43 yr old interns? Willing to relocate.

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Wow! Great news! What an amazing team... Enjoyed watching the Fair Street Films projects... I will do my best to support and spread the news and wish you the best on this new adventure. "Im with Don models still rule"! Randy
Many thanks for all the well wishes!

At this point, we are not in need of more people, as the Kerner demise has left many talented colleagues looking for work. However, we have had the need in the past to reach past our usual workforce, and this is the first place where I would post a job. We might set up a submissions link on the website for potential new hires and interns...if we do, I'll make sure everyone here knows about it.

Yeah just to echo, models will always lead the way, CGI is fine, but itll never give a kid of this generation the passion and drive to do what we do here IMO.

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