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Discussion in 'General Modeling' started by artoo77, Nov 8, 2011.

  1. artoo77

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    Hello everyone-

    After a year and a half, we've finally launched our website:

    It is still a work in progress, so check back for updates.

    We formed the company to design exhibitions and create high-fidelity models. Our first project, "NASA: A Human Adventure" launched in Stockholm, Sweden in January and is now traveling to Madrid, Spain. It is expected to remain in Europe for the next 5 to 10 years, and a second exhibition is planned for Asia and the US. Additionally, we have one exhibition in design phase and another in pre-production.

    As you can see by our stellar crew, we are former ILM model makers. With the demise of Kerner Optical, we are looking to expand and pick up some more film work; additionally we will be offering restoration services for collectors (both model and creature work).

    Concurrently, we also launched a Facebook page. Please "like" us and help spread the word...models still rule!

    --Don Bies
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  2. jedimaster

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    Wow that's great news Don. What a line up. You looking for any 43 yr old interns? Willing to relocate.

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  3. darthviper107

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    That's pretty awesome, I hope you guys get lots of projects, there's still lots of use for models in films.
  4. Scott Graham

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    That's great guys! Good luck with the business. You certainly have some legendary model builders involved.
  5. mrbungle

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    very cool, nothing but best wishes for your new venture.


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    Wow! Great news! What an amazing team... Enjoyed watching the Fair Street Films projects... I will do my best to support and spread the news and wish you the best on this new adventure. "Im with Don models still rule"! Randy
  7. -... . .- --..

    -... . .- --.. Sr Member

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    Congratulations, Don, that's great news indeed.

    Go get em, guys!
  8. GINO


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  9. franz bolo

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    Nice model!!

  10. Treadwell

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    That's great!!
  11. TK9999

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    whaou amazing congratulations !!!
  12. T2SF

    T2SF Well-Known Member

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    I love it! Any chance you might need interns/volunteers?
  13. ralphee

    ralphee Sr Member

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    Whoa, thats some team, Peterson, Gawley, Bailey, for starters, too cool.
    Good luck all of you with the new pastures!

  14. artoo77

    artoo77 Well-Known Member

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    Many thanks for all the well wishes!

    At this point, we are not in need of more people, as the Kerner demise has left many talented colleagues looking for work. However, we have had the need in the past to reach past our usual workforce, and this is the first place where I would post a job. We might set up a submissions link on the website for potential new hires and interns...if we do, I'll make sure everyone here knows about it.

  15. robn1

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    That's great! I agree models definitely rule. I'm hoping to see a return to model use in movies.
  16. ralphee

    ralphee Sr Member

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    Yeah just to echo, models will always lead the way, CGI is fine, but itll never give a kid of this generation the passion and drive to do what we do here IMO.

  17. dcarty

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    That's fantastic! Best of luck to all of you :)
  18. darthviper107

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    Actually, the CG stuff is why I'm here
  19. mbmcfarland

    mbmcfarland Sr Member

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    Those NASA models look amazing. Congrats, and good luck in this new endeavor!
  20. darth_myeek

    darth_myeek Sr Member

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    Physical models rule! I am so happy to hear you are officially back in action.
  21. crackerjazz

    crackerjazz Sr Member

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    Congratulations, Sirs! I've always wondered where the ILM model-makers have gone - I am happy to know that you are still building and wish you all the best in this endeavour.
  22. RGPFX

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    Hi Don,
    Really great to meet one of the pros who frequent the RPF.

    May I ask, are there any good opportunities for modelmakers out there now? I'm not talking about your new firm specifically, but in general. I have been doing this for over a decade and I really want to get into the film/tv arena. Most of my work goes to private collectors.

    Is there anything out there?

  23. CB2001

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    Cool beans! I'm glad to see that you and your group are doing the model work. Hope things continue to go well with your company. :D
  24. HAL9000

    HAL9000 Sr Member

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    Well done and the very best of luck. I know it is tough selling practicals out there - but hey - you guys are the best at it.

    Oh and Models still rule! Giselle Budchen is my current favourite.
  25. redirk2

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    Great to see you are keeping physical models alive. Great to see you on the RPF again. I miss getting to hang out at the R2 gatherings. Let me know if your back in IL sometime. Impressive line up of talent. I still dream of building models for a living. Thanks for the inspiration buddy!
  26. Pwrsrce

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    Howdy Don...

    The NASA exhibit looks amazing! Congratulations to you and Anna on the new company...It sounds like a great way to keep the crew working together.

    BTW, you need to head back to Texas soon...It's been over two years. But next time I'll take you to a real restaurant instead of Chilis. :)

    Models rule!

  27. artoo77

    artoo77 Well-Known Member

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    Thanks, Jason! Chilli's was just fine!

    And I agree, models rule...however, unlike a previous poster, I favor Heidi Klum.


  28. Scratchy

    Scratchy Well-Known Member

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    Just hit that "Like" button on Facebook(y)thumbsup:thumbsup
  29. BrundelFly

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    Awesome Don!
    God Speed to you and the Gang!


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