Forgotten Sherwood Schwartz genius!


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Yeah I only learned of it recently too. It was an attempt to reuse props and sets from Gilligan's Island, the huts and the space capsule mainly.


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I have an episode of this on 16mm film.

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Jeez, given what those kids were changing the lyrics too, maybe I'm glad we didn't get this one in reruns!

Anyways, I'm enjoying the TV time warp, seems many of the eps are on youtube.

Jet Beetle

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Gone but not forgotten.
I have these on dvd - the show didn't age well. One note - the astronauts are wearing the same jumpsuits that would later be used by Gil Gerard in the Buck Rogers movie and pilot episode. Those suits must be given to anyone who may be subjected to time travel.


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Boy, pretty heavy on the laugh track. YouTube popup says the title animation is by Jay Ward, but I disagree. I don't have the correct answer, but that doesn't look like Ward to me. Minimalism was all the rage in animation at that time, not just at Ward.
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