Force Laboratory Book Of Boba Fett 1:1 Scale Blaster




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Well you’ve got to start from somewhere I guess! So are they a Chinese company? And is Sugmo the only distributor?


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Yea I opted to place the deposit and then paying for shipping once it arrives so worst case I simply just get my deposit back which is under $100, best case It arrives and looks amazing so win win
Hey hope you don't mind me asking, but how did you get the deposit under a 100 bucks? Every time I click on the deposit button it gives me 160 USD deposit requirement.

If it was a 100 bucks or under I would have jumped right in. But 160...that's a bit iffy for me for a company that's a newbie in the prop/replica industry.


Update on blaster, looks like it's really happening after all. Can't wait to see how it came out.


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