Forbidden Planet Blaster (Coyle?)


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I was going through the collection in aims of thinning it out and came across a Forbidden Planet blaster. It is definitely NOT the red-triggered mass market produced blaster available a few years ago. The one I have was definitely fan made. It has a black, working square trigger and beautiful clear cast emitter with metal bobbin. As I recall, it lit up and had movie-authentic sound effects (I believe it was a repetitive "click, click, click" sound). Anyway, I can't seem to find a way to open it to replace the battery and determine if it still works. I would imagine the end cover removes, but I can't seem to budge it. Any ideas on how to open it? I thought someone here might have a similar model as I think it may be a Coyle blaster?


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Maybe some very little tiny allen screws which hold the bottom to the gun body......mine has that (I'm not sure it's a Coyle) and I didn't see those screws at the beginning !!!

JW Foust

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From this page from his site, looks like the original's end cover came off, I'm assuming he made his to follow?

Issue 4 - A Visit to the Forbidden Planet - Page 1


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Thanks JW Foust! After looking very, very carefully at the Coyle documentation photos, mine appears to have a subtle difference in the end cap. Also, found out that the end cap on mine is not removable. All access to electronics (sound and light Fx) is via removal of the front acrylic emitter. Anyway, I finally got it open and changed out the battery and VOILA -- very strong light and sound effects! Plus, a blue filter lens is in front of the bulb, so the emitter lights up with a nice blue light when fired! Better than I remembered. Thanks for the guidance and info!

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