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I am thinking about maybe starting to save my pennies and get the latex suit & armor going on like most of the other hunters here.... Mostly, though, I've been partial to wearing individual pieces of armor over my own body and using body paint... but we'll see after this year how that goes. At any rate, I was just mostly wondering... do you sweat to death in the full latex suits ?? They seem like they would be really hot....
Well for the most part u do, but how much u sweat i think is based on the individual... some people the heat doesnt bother them... I didn't sweat too bad in mine....
If you have a fan in the bio your gonna be kinda ok. If you dont and you have to wear this for an hour or so then hopefully you can find a ac unit to stand over or its snowy outside. I dont have the full legs so I have some breathing room and great movement but I still sweat a great deal. I work outdoors for a living I love the heat but in the suit is a whole nother world of heat. But like I said since I put a fan in the bio its not so bad. I also have a pair of Isotoners gloves and I ripped out the inside so I just have the I dont know what you would call that neoprene mabey. Its the outside of the glove its kinda like really thick pantyhose and that stopped the sweating of my hands. I used to be able to pour out sweat every 15 min but not I dont sweat in there anymore. its just my chest and legs moreso my chest the underarmor tights are really hot. I needed the long sleeves but the only one nike made in that was the winter version in long sleeve. Dont forget to hand wash your suits after each use even if its only 20 min or so. you will sweat and it breaks down the latex. Oh I also put baby oil inbetween my latex legs every hour In my adventures I believe it helps keep the paint on cause your legs rub and so does the paint I had to get a reapaint cause it rubbed off the first time. I dont think baby oil hurts the latex but mabey you should ask first.
OK, now I am completely turned off of doing the latex. Thanks for that input, though. It did help make my decision. I've always loved using individual pieces of armor over my own body and (as long as I don't have to pee), I can wear my suit all day and all night, and I have done that in the past at DragonCon. I think I will not change what ain't broke. Maybe you latex guys can get more detail/better skin paint effects, but I prefer to be able to live in my suit without breaking a sweat.
I do...

I make my skins on a wet suit. So it absorb the sweat (not all of it) and when I put it of I hang it to dry. It's easy to put on and of, you don't have to wrub yourself in with baby
powder and it doesn't take a serious effort.

I found out that when you are inside, you don't sweat that much because the latex kind of takes over the room temperature. The only "water" you produce in your suit and mask is condence ( don't know if that is the correct spelling)

To give an example how easy this suits are;

My wife has a rare hart and long disease, doctors think that she needs a hart and long transplant in about 1,5 year. So making efforts like getting up stairs, long walks and things like that are very difficult for her. But the longest time she stayed in her suit was 3 hours, with a full mask on... So wetsuit based skins have more benefits and dont have many disadvantages.
Sorry about your wife, that's a really hard thing to have to deal with everyday. Trust me, I know...Thanks for the input about the wet suit... the one wet suit I have serves as the under armor for my Master Chief suit... but that might be something to look into...... Do you have pictures of what your Predator suits look like ? I would be curious to see that...........
latex suits are hot! its better to wear like a lycra suit underneath, cuz its not all slippery and gross underneath (I always wear gloves underneath my latex hands)
I wore under armor hot gear (the kind that keeps you cool) under my homemade latex suit and I didn't have too much problems with the sweat getting to the latex. It's either the hot or the cold gear that keeps water/moisture/sweat from escaping. Either way, it is will sweat and it some of it will make it's way to the latex, it's just how it is.
I took a shot in the dark with the baby oil. do you have an alternative to rub wear. and somthing to put on your latex suit to keep it nice. I think thats one plus to having a latex suit it looks nice on display. But seriously besids keeping it out of the light what else would you use to keep it nice.
This may be an off-topic question, but you are talking about latex suits so I will give it a shot...

Do you ever get rid off the latex smell? :)
Im not talking about the smell when it is in liquid-form, Im talking about when it has dried/cured. I have experimentet with latex a bit, and when it cures it still have this kind off "not-so-pleasant-smell" to it.
Does that smell go away after awhile or will it always be there? Or have I gotten really bad latex?

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