For the Jurassic Park John Hammond Mosquito in Amber Cane Top What kind of Polishing Compound Would Be Best For The Resin?


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To begin with I just did this project on the John Hammond Cane Top: My experimental DIY attempt on the John Hammond Cane Top(with Easter egg)

Anyways, after sanding it I sprayed it with Rustoleum Crystal Clear enamel and while it did help with giving the resin in particular more clarity, being that it’s a coat layering over the resin, it does have a tendency of leaving some uneven ooze marks or something.



So I thought about that for the next time I cast another mosquito in amber, I would try the alternative waxing or polishing the hardened and sanded resin.
But I don’t know which brand of polishing compound would suit this best.
Any type you can recommend please? Thank you.


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I used 2k clear laquer on mine and it didnt need polishing it comes out so smooth. I understand 2k might not be a choice for everyone so for spray can laquer any kind of car paint restorer like T-Cut or G3 compound should do it.


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