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Discussion in 'Entertainment and Movie Talk' started by Flecktarn92, Jan 25, 2012.

  1. Flecktarn92

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    Ok bear with me... Everyone knows that the Republic clones became stormtroopers or died disobeying Order 66. So what happened to all their types of armor and equipment? There's practically nothing about it, I would think there would be a bounty hunter running around in some collected armor or the rebels would wear it as some throwback.

    I was just wondering. Maybe we'll see something about it in the Tv show when it comes out.

    I know its a stupid question but why not.
  2. nwjedidave

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    deemed unusable by the Empire and destroyed. Cheaper to mass produce one kind.

    (thats my guess)
  3. Betamin

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    Maybe it was recycled to make the newer versions. I can see a poster with one of the early clones putting his damaged armor in to a recycling droid and saying, with a thumbs up, "I'm a clone, and I recycle!"
  4. Wes R

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    I always wanted to know if all the Stormtroopers are clones or if they started using recruits cause it's a good while between the OT and Revenge of the Sith.
  5. Flecktarn92

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    Well I know that the Stormtroopers are apparently the elite force. There is a regular Imperial army, their uniforms are the ones the AT-ST drivers wear in Jedi. They are made up of recruits.

    As for the clones becoming stormtroopers I don't know if this is officially canon but in Battlefront II the story explains that Kamino cloning continued for awhile and the stormtroopers were still clones. A revolt happened and the clones started fighting against the Empire. Vader shut it down. After that all new Stormtroopers were regular recruits.
  6. Purple Dagger

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    The idea was there are multiple donors to the clones. Fett being the Kamino clones at the beginning. There were others later as donors. But by the time new hope rolls around the idea of Kamino Fett clones being around would be kind of a stretch.

    I think the phase one clone armor was a lot a like as the ANH armor is to the stormtroopers. Then in the ROTS and ROTJ they get more specialist armor sets as time goes on. Besides the Jedi generals had all their forces with different paint and such. Stormtroopers only followed one, Vader.

    Not sure but watching the Animated Clone Series the clone armor is starting to take on more of a stormtrooper look at times.
  7. ginyu force

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    the armor was most likely unusable, you have to realize that every set or armor was mad special for every clone, to fit them and for best maneuverability and what not, so therefore it was made specifically for clones, and storm troopers arent necessarily clones.
  8. Michael Bergeron

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    I'd rather have Ewoks on my side!
  9. TK9120

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    I saw Lucas say somewhere that the Stormtroopers were clones. That's why he had Jango bump his head getting into his ship. That was supposed to go along with the trooper who bumps his head in ANH. Stupid, but that's what he said.
  10. Lucien Kane

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    As far as the armor is concerned, it got phased out, and retired. Did some of it make it through into private hands? I could see that happening. However much of it was probably either demilled, or used for training... Same as with what happens to gear today in the military that gets phased out.
  11. Darth Lars

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    There is some old article from the '80s that tell that the Stormtroopers are clones.
    In the Thrawn trilogy, the cloning facilities have been shut down so the remnant of the Empire is using conscripts.
    In The Force Unleashed, there are troopers seen in armour that is like a in-between of ROTS Clonetrooper and ANH Stormtrooper armour.
  12. Sluis Van Shipyards

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    Officially he's said that some are clones, but the cloning had new templates added. So mixed in with the kick*ss Jango clones you have all kinds of people stuck in there for political reasons. So you have a lot of Gomer Pyles in there that can't hit the side of a barn because their uncle was a senator. :lol

    I'm guessing the elite units are still Jango clones. How in the hell the Emperor's best legion on Endor was Jango clones, I assume, I'll never know. Apparently some DNA from the local equivalent to the backwoods inbred hillbilly got chucked in that batch.

    As for armor, I seem to recall a newer comic, maybe the Empire or Rebellion ones, that showed a Rebel wearing clonetrooper armor or parts of it.
  13. terryr

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    Wasn't one of the bounty hunters in Empire Strikes Back wearing pieces of armor? He must have gotten it at the military surplus.

    And how about all those battle droids? Someone mechanical could put pieces together and have a bunch of servants for himself. If you could stand the stupid voice.

    Or, when I read the comments from guys who 'troop' in 'armor' they say how heavy it is after a few hours. Think of wearing it for real, all day every day.
    Maybe the Empire only had a few sets of real armor. Most Clones and Stormtroopers wore fake vacuformed plastic. So nobody wanted it second hand.
  14. JoMamma_Smurf

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    You can still buy some old armor at Imperial Army Navy stores.
  15. Clutch

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    I feel geekier for having read this thread.
  16. Qui-Gonzalez

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    Just because of the thread only?

    It's all pretty much EU at this point, but it was written that they kept the Jango DNA and used it to produce clones on Coruscant.
  17. justinbauler

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    has anyone heard any word on what lucas arts is showing off at E3 this year? I havent heard even a grain of salt news about a force unleashed 3..
  18. Qui-Gonzalez

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    I'd say they are going to ride on the The Old Republic train for a bit, plus the Kinect Star Wars game that is still slated.
  19. Frosteon

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  20. Kerr Avon

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    Recycled armor? That makes sense then why blasts go right through it.
  21. CessnaDriver

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    Why would they recycle anything?
    They're the Empire, they build massive moon sized space stations!

    They'd just dump their garbage in space or wherever.

    Maybe Jawas put it to use. They are recyclers.
  22. Ramirez

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    That'd explain why they go down when shot, it's useless at protection.
  23. Ford W Maverick

    Ford W Maverick Well-Known Member

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    My guess is simply that newer models came out that were improved over the old ones. Improved in what way I can't imagine since they all still die in one shot...

    Also, I'd imagine there are probably some pretty stiff penalties for wearing imperial armor if you're not a trooper. Some of the bounty hunters do wear bits of the armor from the AT-AT commanders though. Off the top of my head, I believe Dengar wears the AT-AT chestpiece and one of the others had the shins I think.
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  24. Dart

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    Dengar used stormtrooper arm, shoulder, ab, back and leg armour but wore a chest piece that was similar to both General Veers and a snowtrooper commander.

    As for the clones, the original order from Kamino were only supposed to last 30 years (hence the accelerated growth - not counting Boba Fett since Jango asked that he was to have a normal growth rate.) Unless that was changed, they'd all be gone by the time ANH happened. By the time the empire came to power, Kamino was actually not pumping out any clones (due to the destruction of the facility by the clones inside) and there were other clone manufacturers, some on Coruscant and some elsewhere (I think.) By the way some of the clones in the novels spoke, the second wave (not from Kamino) were poorly trained and seemed inferior to the original 4 types.

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