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Up for sale is my absolutely favorite prop made, ever. It is a Captain America Shield made by Relicmaker. It is the best of the best, hands down. I have 6 week from now to find a new home and move and so I have to raise funds, letting this go is the last thing I wanted to do. But have to be practical. The description original from Relicmaker:

ONLY 10 of these made, 9 sold to board members.


Solid & Thick CNC'd Machined Aluminum!!!

~ NO Thin-Stamped-Metal involved like all the other shields available!!! ~

Shield, Bracket, & Star were spun by a reputable Metal Spinning Company!!!

"HOUSE OF KOLOR" Paint Job!!!

This version of the Shield is based off the Shield used in the film "CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER".

The original Shield from the first film "Captain America: The First Avenger", is in my opinion, the most beautiful version made, with these vibrant Red and Blue colors. The Shield in the sequels and in the Avengers films took on a slightly different look in toning down the paint colors.

Measurements: 26" over the curved surface of the shield , 25" wide x 3" deep x 1/4" thick at the edge ...(Measurements taken from original prop!)

Weight: 11 pounds!

Each part is spun from a solid piece of Aluminum METAL, and has a real nice weight to it.

This is also the THICKEST METAL Shield available at nearly 3/16" thick, plus with the bracket being 3/32" thick, which makes the edge thickness at around 1/4" thick!!!

This is way better than the original prop, and most replicas, since they were made of fiberglass or plastic.

Measurements were taken off the original prop that went up for auction through Propstore of London!

What sets this Shield apart from the rest is not only is it 'All Metal', but it has the only metal film-accurate "One-Piece Bracket" on the back of the Shield, along with the only film-accurate Leather, Brackets and Buckles!!!

The "Star" itself was spun out of a solid sheet of Aluminum, CNC'd grooves, and then cut out, so it sits flush with the curve of the Shield perfectly!

The "Bracket" itself was also spun out of a solid piece of Aluminum, and then cut out, so it sits flush with the curve of the Shield perfectly!

The "Buckles" are machine-cut metal to the exact measurements of the original props and polished to a satin finish!

Another thing that sets this Shield apart from the others is that not only does it have the rings CNC carved on top, but it has the accurate "Rings" CNC-carved into the back of the Shield!

......(Other Shields offered on the market are either all plastic or metal on the front and plastic on the back. Plus, the ones that do have metal brackets on their backs are in two pieces instead of one that had to be bent to form to the back of the shield, making it look very cheap. ).....

The Shield & Star have also been spun to add the beautiful brushed texture onto the metal to give it the look of a Compact Disc when light hits it!

The PAINT JOB on this is another thing that sets the shield apart from the others!

It has been professionally painted by a highly respected professional custom painter who works on Hot-Rods & Motorcycles!

The paint is high-quality Candy-Apple Red & Cobalt Blue Clearcoats by "HOUSE OF KOLOR" paints!!! So, not only is the paint the best paint you can buy, the colors are vibrant, and you can see the brushed Aluminum underneath the clearcoat paint, making it even more beautiful to look at!!! The light dances off of it, just like you're looking at a music CD!!!

Lastly, the LEATHER is another thing that sets the bar very high on this prop!!!

The Leather was custom made to the exact specifications of the originals by a highly respected professional leather crafter who is well known for their Boots & Saddles in Fort Worth, Texas!!!

The Leather is Oil-Tanned Antique Brown leather of the finest quality from "Tandy Leathers"! It was selected from their 'Elite' quality hide collection!

Something else that is on the original prop and only seen on this replica, is the strap on the shield that rests on your arm and the one that you grab with your hand is "PADDED"! This leather strap was stuffed with a polyester fill for added comfort, which is on the original prop, and is NOT SEEN on any other Shield replica that is available, but this one!

This Shield is not just very beautiful to behold, but it is also VERY COMFORTABLE TO HOLD!!!

Asking $ 1400 for this shield, payment via paypal shipped ONLY CONUS. This will be packed in a custom shipping padded box, and shipped fully insured.
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Wow. I didn't even know Relicmaker made a shield. It's gorgeous. I wish I could take it off of your hands. Best of luck with everything and hopefully it turns around for you soon.


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This IS my favorite prop to own hands down. It cost originally $ 1200, and Relicmaker makes the best of the best. I don't want to sell at a loss and so the price set is what it will take to make me part with it. I don't think I have ever seen any of the other nine made ever come up for sale, so I am sure everyone else that has one, feels the same way.
Thanks for the interest an those that have made offers.


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Taking the sale down. Decided I will sell a few other things and hold onto this. Just too great of a piece to part with.


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I have most things packed up now for the move. Should have access to my new geeky bachelor pad this Friday. The Marvel collection is the last thing to go down, it will be packed up this weekend.



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I am interested but do have a question: Can you show me where the star points relative to the forearm bracket? I am having trouble finding a seller who makes it correctly where the star points straight up no matter which arm you hold it on.


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I took this off the market, sold a few other items to keep this one here in my collection. Really glad I did so.
Relicmaker makes the best of the best in terms of replicas and this is an exceptional piece among his other replicas.


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OK, bringing this back up for sale. Decided to help my son's with a car purchase. First to say they are purchasing it gets it.
Due to the size and weight, this is a shipping in CONUS only sale.
I will be posting a few other Marvel props up later today as well.


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Blastmanster did get doibs witht he pms, this will ship out later this week. I will be adding other Marvel iyems shortly.
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