For Sale: Aliens - Seiko Pulsemeter watch and SD Studios Locator Tube

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Up for sale is a working vintage Seiko Pulsemeter watch with an OD green MNoble watch strap.
Never costumed in it. It's just been in storage, not even on display.

Second is an all metal SD Studios Locator tube with lights, sound and manually
activated distance countdown with two speed modes, slow speed which counts
down by tenths of a meter and "quick" mode which counts down only in even meters.
Couple small scratches on the back, one tiny one on the front.

The photo color is a little washed out, the locater tube digital meter is a bright red color, not the
pink color seen in the photo, the tube color is slightly brighter green/brown.

Need the cash for an ongoing project, don't want to split them up.



1.jpg 2.jpg 7.jpg 15.jpg 16.jpg 6.jpg

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