For Resident Evil Fan


Hey What is up world ! As a Resident Evil fan i wish to share some of my Cosplay and ask YOU yes You to Share all your Zombie killing Creation ! Here we go hope you like it ! :thumbsup


Nice costume, I'm sure that it could fool the non gaming crowd into thinking your some kind of security agent.
Ive been in a convention here in New Brunswick really small one Not so popular here but it is growing. Some people ask me if the army was involve in some sort of tasking that was funny. :lol


Same here, still, at least theres some sort of convention here that it is ok to go out in costumes lol.
If you have a killler costume you can wear it all the time :behave ok mabey not lol :cry

Is somebody all ready taught about doing a cosplay of Brad Vicker the cowar.... :sleep could be cool !
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