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Last year at SDCC during our Friday lunch I made an annoucement that I was doing a little project to send to Greyback as a gift of thanks and appreciation for all the video work he did at SDCC and after at his home. The videos can speak for themselves in the quality of work. I think I can make an honest assumption that the dramatic increase in our member count is due in some form from people seeing these videos on Youtube. The SDCC 2008 video "Predator Invasion" is almost at 110,000 views and hundreds of comments. A lot of that activity in the past few months alone.

I havent finished the project for a few reasons. One of them being that I wanted to give you the attendees from 2008 and 2009 a chance to give as well, in a small thank you comment that I can send along with the project. Also, if you werent at SDCC either years you are welcome to send a comment or thought as well. What I mean is, if the videos got you to come her to the Lair, or the videos inspired you to build a suit, or sculpt, or paint, or you just like the videos send me an email with a brief thank you or comment. The message you wanna send can be either typed or if you wanna send him a video response I will gather them all up and edit to a dvd for him. Please keep in short as to help edit it easier. Im a video rookie.

Its not a real surprise to him what hes getting I already gave him some info on it. The surprise will be the total finished project and the kind words from you guys that send them into me. It would be a real chore to gather up all the responses individually sent in a pm so, I just made this thread to let everyone know what Im up to. Thank you in advance to all who participate. I would like to have all entries in by then end of the month/June so I can work on finishing it up. Once he gets it I will do a build thread on it.

These videos are a source of inspiration and motivation to me in my projects. They also serve as a reminder of the good times and all the cool people I got to meet at the cons. I go back and watch them all the time. Cheers man!


Please send all entries to MRCREEPERSTUDIOS@GMAIL.COM subject: GREYBACK.

Heres a link to his Youtube page and the videos......

Thanks for reading!


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I wasn't there . But you are 100% right bud those vids are great insripation. You showing your appreciation to him is great B. You are a stand up kinda guy. Great respect B!!!

Ei luj

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Many thanks for posting this,

Email incoming!

(got a great big grin on my face all over again just thinking about those vids :rolleyes: )



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okaaay, so that explains all the youtube comments these last days
Bovine,you're just evil man hehe
I was quite speechless last summer when you surprised me out of the blue. I know you're busy doing all the suits and the other stuff you've been dealing with, man I can't honestly say thanks enough.
I never expected the original pred invasion vid to kick off they way it did. We just did it all together, it would be crap if the suits didn't look as good as they do.
Looking back, who would have thought it would get so many hits. It's kinda scary, the madness we have unleashed lol.
As you know, I have zero suit building skills so I take great pride in it to know that these vids have inspired a good deal of people who keep the predator alive in their own way. Innitially, it's what i tried to do with the videos as well. I never anticipated people would get inspiration out of it. I mean there is no nicer compliment than hearing someone say they started with suitbuilding after watching the vids.

I'm very sorry I won't be back this summer (and couldn't accept the offer from another member).
It's gonna be half the fun only watching the pics pop up online. But I will return and we'll conclude the trilogy :p
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