For all you Skyrim Players

Discussion in 'Entertainment and Movie Talk' started by Watson, Mar 30, 2012.

  1. Watson

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  2. Contec

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    hehehehe Funny... better clean up my house in skyrim now :(...
  3. Kerr Avon

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    It's so true.
  4. Scareb

    Scareb Sr Member

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    I went through the same thing with Fallout 3. I'd go about and load up until I was overburdened and then I needed to decide what to get rid of. Then I'd head back to megaton and store all my "loot" in a filing cabinet. I have an insane amount of crap in that filing cabinet.
  5. Mr Walker

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    Coffee cups were my thing. Couldn't go past one. I'd drop plasma rifles if I had to to be able to pick up the coffee cup.

    If memory serves me correctly there's over 1,000 in the vanilla game.

    Find only. Never buy.
  6. Scareb

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    Haha that's awesome
  7. Lear60man

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    And thats why I returned Fallout 2. I couldnt walk I had so much crap dragging me down.
  8. Flecktarn92

    Flecktarn92 Active Member

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    So true, thank god I can channel my hoarding (mostly) into games like these. That line about using dragon bone to make armor, that's me. My smithing is like 23 and I still collect stuff to make armor.
  9. Jedi2016

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    I'm definitely guilty of that.. I've never once sold a single dragon bone or scales, all because I knew I could craft armor with it. Despite the fact that I probably have enough dragon bone to craft at least a couple dozen complete sets.
  10. neosporing

    neosporing Sr Member

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    thanks for this... it made my day
  11. Robert Paulson

    Robert Paulson New Member

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    Too funny...I'm think I'm gonna fire up Skyrim again!
  12. Mr Walker

    Mr Walker Active Member

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    Raven Rock was the best location in the game for me.

    I walked into that big dining room, saw all the coffee cups, and I almost wet myself with excitement. Seriously, a litle bit of pee might have come out, I was that excited.

    I had to drop Tesla armour, plasma rifles, laser gatlings, just to collect those sweet, sweet mugs.

    Nothing in Skyrim has done it for me though. I don't collect any random objects. I think it's because in Skyrim, everything respawns, so they're not "collectibles". :(
  13. DarthRaggmopp

    DarthRaggmopp New Member

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    In skyrim I colected bones and sculls, And just dropped them on the floor in my home in Whiterun. Noone seemed to mind, not even the spouse. :p

    That video was fun. Ill see it again.

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